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Advanced Skin Care Oxygen-O2

Here at Encino Health & Wellness we believe that wellness must be a primary objective. Hence we are now offering the "O2 Facial Breeze".

Our trained staff of experienced aestheticians will perform a complete analysis of your skin to help determine the most suitable treatment program for you. This personalized plan will help to rejuvenate your skin to its vibrant condition.

O2 Facial Breeze

This Oxygen unit is able to transport about 95% more Oxygen to your skin. The particles in the Oxygen are absorbed by your epidermis and attached to the collagen, which help to expedite the process of collagen development. While you can feel the cool and refreshing sensation provided by the Oxygen, simultaneously vitamins and anti-oxidants are disbursed into the skin encouraging skin hydration and resulting in a rejuvenated appearance with a healthy youthful skin outcome

02 Facial Breeze